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Whisky16 3L

Welcome to Nigel Foster Designs!

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Nigel Foster is renowned for his kayaking instruction and expeditions, but he's also well known for his sea kayak designs,  paddles, PFD's, clothing and accessories. "Nigel Kayaks... it's what he does." He has collaborated with a number of manufacturers on both sides of the Atlantic since his first sea kayak design of 1977.

( Malte Danielsson photo; Nigel in the Whisky16, Sweden)

One of the companies Nigel has collaborated with is the Swedish company Point65. You can buy Point65 products on-line in USA at the Nigel Foster Kayak Store.

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Whisky16   Whisky18   DoubleShot    (Whisky Series)     and Cappuccino13

Legend  Silhouette  Shadow   (Legend Series)


Whisky16 3L Whisky 16 3L (Rocker and Tourer) in 3-layer polyethylene

For more information e-mail nigel@nigelfosterdesigns.com

(photo by Bob Burnett)